One-on-One Golf School: PRICING & PACKAGES

One-on-One Golf School Options

We offer courses of varying intensities depending on the skill level of the student–usually for two to four days. We can customize your instruction to fit your particular needs: from half-day classes, to classes spanning more than a month.

We can also accommodate commuters, junior golfers, women-only, and family outings.

One-on-One Golf Instruction

Our Most Popular Golf School Packages

Plan Term Hours
Platinum School 5 days/5 nights 25 hours
Gold School 4 days/4 nights 20 hours
Silver School 3 days/3 nights 15 hours
Bronze School 2 days/2 nights 10 hours

*each plan includes instruction, lunch, playing lessons with a PGA or LPGA golf professional, and luxury accommodations.

All of our golf school packages include luxury accommodations; however, we also offer a Commuter Program that does not include lodging.

At most of our locations there is a commuter rate option. This is a great way to save some money and still get the benefits of outstanding instruction and golf facilities. A housing allowance will be deducted from your golf school invoice. Stay with friends or find alternative lodging. A TNT representative will gladly assist you with housing options.

one-on-one golf school Call 772.210.4688 for pricing information. Or use the convenient inquiry form.

Refund Policy
We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our schools. Also, we charge a $500.00 deposit per individual at the time of booking. If you cancel one month before your training is scheduled, we will refund the entire amount. Contact us for more information.